Team Tracker

Business is like a game of chess. Every move matters. Time is precious. The location and movement of each piece is a must-know for one to win the game. Today's competitive and fast changing business world demands the same.

With Grameenphone "Team Tracker", you can locate your workforce and direct them towards the achievement of your business goals.

Team Tracker is a new value-added solution for the Business Market. This solution will help bring about efficiency to the value chain of organizations having field employees. Managing field operations & directing field employees towards the business success has always been a concern for field managements like National & Regional Sales Managers, Area Managers & Distributors.

With the services of Grameenphone Team Tracker, organizations can now locate its employees, assign tasks to them digitally & also receive task updates electronically. The system is robust enough to handle data for even a thousand employees. 

Real-time overview of outdoor employee movements on the map
Hybrid tracking facility using both GPS and network-based tracking
Location based task delegation and proactive workload allocation
Instant task status update
Business Reports generation on Employee Location & Task status based on organizational hierarchy


By using this solution, a company is expected to gain:


Faster Actions
Excellent planning and precise workforce management
Cost Efficiency
Efficient workload assignment to lead to greater employee satisfaction


Company is expected to enjoy higher productivity in field operations in terms of enhanced sales volume and prompt customer service. All these benefits will help the company to have a competitive edge in the market.

For detail tariff, please contact with your Account Manager/SME Zone Manager

How to Get:

For detail tariff, please contact with your Account Manager/SME Zone Manager

1. What is Team Tracker?

Grameenphone Team Tracker is an enterprise solution for business organizations which enables the business managers to improve the speed and quality of field force activity. It ensures better field-force management by tracking employees through web and managing tasks in a faster way through both web and SMS. It is designed using the LBS technology which provides information using our BTS location.

2. Who are the target market?

Organizations having field-force employees moving around in the market. E.g. Pharmaceuticals, NGOs, Banks who offers credit card/ SME loan etc.

3. How it helps the organizations?

This web and SMS based service enable business managers to track their employees, assign task to an employee and having update of the task from the employee through mobile or web in the system. Tracking and task management enables the organization to utilize the field force in an optimum way. As a result, it improves efficiency in the organization and increases end customer satisfaction.

4. What are the eminent features and benefits of Team Tracker?

GP Team Tracker has the following eminent features and benefits
  • Real time tracking: 24X7 tracking of field force by the authority. It has the flexibility to define a fixed time frame for every individual organization. It can also assign a working week as per the organization's operations which ensure the privacy of the employees.
  • Unlimited POI: The user organization will enjoy the facility of creating unlimited POI as per the organizational requirement that will help them to track as fine as they want to. POI (Point of Interest) is a landmark which is used to measure the distance between the POI and the employee being tracked. E.g. a pharmaceutical company can assign POI for each medicine shop in an area and track that where the medical representative is performing duty at that time.
  • The largest and finest tracking area: Grameenphone, having the largest and finest network of the country, ensures the largest tracking area by which organizations can have the utmost tracking facility. The unlimited PO I facility make the tracking the finest in the country.
  • Task Assignment: A manager can assign task to an employee through web which the employee will receive as an SMS in his mobile phone with an auto generated task serial number.
  • Task update: Employees can update the status of the assigned task to the supervisor using SMS to a port which automatically updates the system and manager can see it from the system. The employee can even update the task from internet.
  • Hierarchy based authority: The system allows the organizations to implement a hierarchy based authority on tracking, task management and report generation.

5. Report on location history?

The user organization can generate location history of an employee for last 7 days.

6. Report generation of task status?

The system is able to generate reports on task status of individual employee and even a single task.

7. Self-control over the system?

The system enables the system administrator (employee of user company) to set norms, POI and generate reports. The total control of the system remains with the user organization.

8. On-leave disable option?

The system supports that an employee can be disabled from the tracking system while on leave

14. Does it require any special handset for the employee to be tracked?

No, any switched on handset with GP SIM will do.

17. Is it possible to include a new employee under an existing account?

Yes. In that case the user company should notify Grameenphone to activate the MSISDN of the specific employee under the system.

18.What are the requirements of availing the service?

To avail the Team Tracker service the followings are required.

19. The entity must be a valid organization?

The organization has to sign an agreement with Grameenphone to avail this service through.

20. Filling up a prescribed form.

  • The authority must have permission from the employee to be tracked
  • The MSISDN must be a Grameenphone MSISDN
  • The MSISDN must be tagged with the BS Code of that organization
  • The organization must provide the MSISDN list to Grameenphone

21. Is it must that the organization is an existing signed Business Client of Grameenphone?

No, the non-signed organizations can also subscribe this solution. In that case they have to sign the

22. How the users will have the login information like User Name and Password?

During the activation Grameenphone will provide the username and password of the Customer Admin User (an employee of the user organization). He/ She will create roles for the internal users and assign username and password for them.

23. What are the reports available in the system?

The following major reports are available in the system Employee task report:

  • Track history report
  • SMS history report