Supplier Conduct

The Supplier Conduct Principles (SCP) have been approved by Telenor's Board of Directors and is a document that defines what Telenor, or Telenor-affiliated companies such as Grameenphone, expect from its business partners.

The SCP attached specifies conduct requirements to our business partners, in this case "Suppliers". It should be noted that "Suppliers" in this context is a much wider term than the traditional upstream suppliers typical in a procurement setting. Suppliers, in the context of the SCP, are defined as "any person and/or entity that has a direct contractual relationship with Telenor and offering products and/or services to Telenor. This includes any manufacturer, vendor, contractor, consultant, middleman, service or facilities provider, dealer, distributor or other partner that is directly cooperating with Telenor, however, excluding customers.”

Please click on this link to fully understand our expectations and your business obligations.