Next Business Leader

The Journey of Next Business Leaders in Grameenphone

Grameenphone’s Next Business Leader program is designed to offer a fast-track career to talented fresh graduates where they can grow and become leaders for the future. They will have the opportunity to work in roles that are currently prevalent and critical in nature not only in the telecommunications industry but for most of dynamic organizations.

What are the career fields open for an NBL?

Having a thorough understanding of our core business through stints in departments across the organization, Next Business Leaders will eventually specialize in fields of Commercial, Technology and Techno-Commercial which will cover roles starting from Analytics to Virtualization.

As the industry transforms, the organization will look up to these individuals to take on challenges and lead the race in Digitalization.

What is the Recruitment Process?

Selection to the NBL program involves a rigorous process, where candidates are tested on their ability and potential to be the next generation leaders of tomorrow. Typically, a Management Trainee of Grameenphone goes through atleast 3 phases of assessments before finally being selected.


Hear from the NBLs

"I contribute to bringing Internet Connectivity to 30 Million People
in Bangladesh, a number that is always on the increase."
- Naziza Akhter Alam


"I helped launch GP Online Shop, the first online channel
in Bangladesh to reach the deep rural markets."
- Anik Sinha


"I prepare communication that reaches 60 million customers."
- Ishmam Ahmed Chowdhury


"Being a Management Trainee, I have acquired skills of
Product & Project Management in a very short time."
- Christopher Sangma


"I blend my knowledge of engineering concepts with business & expertise by taking a data driven approach to everything I do, be, making an app, running Facebook marketing campaigns or even managing my team."
- Jamil Wahid


"My career is more than a job as I see the impact of my work in the customers daily life, in their joy or sufferings."
- Mohammad Mehedi Hasan

"I contribute by helping customers immerse themselves in the digital experiences we have to offer."
- Md. Ziaul Haque Bhuiyan

"I contribute by making digital financial services accessible to the unbanked population of Bangladesh."
- Syeda Salwa Bakht

"I love the challenges in my career because I have the spirit and confidence to successfully win those and it helps me to improve myself everyday."
- Oatima Siraj