Useful Information

SIM replacement & Ownership Transfer from home

From GP online shop, now you can replace your SIM & change the ownership easily at your home (applicable for 64 District)

Easy way to get the bill of postpaid number in mobile

You can easily get the bill of your postpaid number in your mobile now

Postpaid bill payment through MyGP

Now you can easily pay the bill of your postpaid number from home through MyGP app

Know your Call, Internet or SMS history easily from MyGP app

Now, from your home, you can easily check your previous call details & charging info. (Up to last 30 days). You can also check your internet usage & SMS details. MyGP homepage > History > Call/Internet/SMS history

Recharge your mobile balance easily from MyGP app

Now you can recharge your mobile balance easily without going outside by using MyGP app, with the help of bKash/Rocket/Net banking/Mobile banking and Cards. MyGP homepage > Recharge > Recharge options

Select the latest offers & services easily from MyGP app

Now you can select all the latest offers & services of Grameenphone easily from your home by usually MyGP app. MyGP homepage > Flexiplan/Internet/Minute/GP Star

Know your current package & call rate easily from MyGP app

From MyGP app, now you can know about your present package and call rate easily from your home. MyGP homepage > Details > Main Account/Internet/Minute/SMS/GP points

Purchase internet easily from MyGP app

Now you don’t need to go outside to purchase internet package. Using MyGP app, you can purchase your desired internet pack easily from your home. MyGP homepage > Internet > Internet Packages

Manual settings for internet activation in handset

Manual settings for internet (Android phone):
  • Go to Mobile Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Name
  • Create a new APN profile. Type, Name: GP; APN: gpinternet
  • Set this APN as default setting
  • Restart handset after configuration
  • On your mobile data
Manual settings for internet (iPhone): Menu > Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (enter phone password)

General Terms and Conditions

  1. GP does not guarantee any specific quality standards in the services. However, it will strive to render the best possible services.
  2. GP does not take the responsibility for possible disturbances or congestion in other networks encountered in calling subscribers of those other networks.
  3. GP does not commit itself to make services available in any specific area in Bangladesh within certain dates, even though it will strive to provide coverage as large as and as early as possible.
  4. To subscribe for international roaming facilities with GSM network outside Bangladesh with whom GP has roaming agreement, the subscriber shall have to execute an International Roaming Application form/e-application form and/or have to accept the roaming terms and conditions therein mentioned in through biometric verification. GP does not commit to make roaming service available in any specific country.
  5. GP shall have the right to ask for subscriber’s information, documents and biometric and examine the same to establish the subscriber’s identification.
  6. GP shall have the exclusive right and jurisdiction to determine the title and ownership of a mobile connection after perusing the necessary documents and biometrics relating to the mobile connection and also shall have the right to suspend the mobile connection in question while determining the same. If any dispute arises regarding the ownership/title between two or more subscribers or claimants, the decision provided by GP in this regard shall be final and conclusive.
  7. GP shall have the right to temporarily suspend the services in whole or in parts of its network for repair, maintenance or circumstances beyond GP’s control.
  8. GP shall have the right to refuse to provide the services or terminate the services to subscriber for not using approved handset/terminals or illegal use of the services. Any decision taken by GP in this regard shall be conclusive and final.
  9. GP shall have the right to choose telephone numbers for the subscribers and to publish or otherwise use the numbers/address of the subscribers and/ or to change the telephone number if required.
  10. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, GP reserves the right to change, vary, add, substitute or withdraw the SIM card/ service/ Scratch card / FlexiLoad/ recharge service or any other services and GP shall have the right also to change/ vary/ increase/ reduce the tariff charges, prices, validity periods, package plans and any other offers etc. at any time in its sole discretion for any reason subject to official notification of such offers prior to giving effect to such changes.
  11. GP shall have the right to disconnect, suspend or bar the services for giving false information at the time of getting the connection or any time thereafter with respect to subscription and/ or for changes in the given information, which is not informed to GP. This shall be in addition to any other termination rights that GP may have under this Agreement.
  12. GP shall have the right to scrutinize or procure any relevant documents(s) possessed by the potential subscribers or existing subscribers which may be required by GP.
  13. GP shall have the right to provide with any information including call recording/ details of the subscriber to the law enforcing agencies as and when required by the law of the land. GP shall not have any obligation to provide any information to the subscriber in regards to such disclosure.
  14. GP shall not bear any responsibility nor shall it be liable in any manner whatsoever for or in connection with any obscene and/or threatening and/or insulting messages of whatever nature as well as any fraud committed through Short Message Service(SMS) by any subscriber/user/consumers at any time.
  15. GP shall reserve the right to communicate any of its offers and services related communication and/or message to its subscribers/consumers at any time and in any manner whatsoever as it may deem necessary in order to keep its subscribers and/or consumers updated from time to time.
  16. The SIM card and the corresponding mobile account in GP’s system are the sole responsibility of the subscriber. GP is not liable for usage including use/misuse/fraud/forgery and the like perpetrated by anyone including but not limited to the subscriber or any third party and not liable for any act or omission of any dealer or third party.
  17. GP shall strive to offer the best service quality, however, the quality, reliability and availability of service is not guaranteed as the same are dependent on various technical, physical, topographical, atmospheric, environmental, regulatory, legal, and such other factors. GP shall not be liable or responsible for any defect/ deficiency in the same. In addition, GP is entitled to, without any liability, refuse, limit, suspend, disable, delete, vary and/or interrupt service or any part thereof, for one or more Subscribers, at any time, in its sole discretion, without notice and assigning any reason.
  18. The subscriber cannot use the service(s) for any unlawful or abusive purpose, or for sending obscene, indecent, threatening, harassing, unsolicited message or message adversely affecting/ infringing upon national, social or economic interest, nor create any damage or risk to GP or its network and/or other subscribers of GP. Under such circumstances GP shall have the right to discontinue the service and take necessary measures in accordance with the laws of the land.
  19. Handsets are the properties of the subscribers. GP shall not be responsible in any way for the repair, maintenance or for fixing of any, service problem of handsets. The subscribers shall contact the dealer or manufacturer of the handset for any such problem. GP shall not be responsible for replacing them in case these are lost/stolen/damaged.
  20. GP shall not be liable for any health hazard or problems otherwise caused by the use or abuse of the service of the handset.
  21. The decision of GP shall be final in respect of this Agreement, if any interpretation of the terms and conditions is required.
  22. Supplementary/ Value Added Service/other may be rendered as and when offered by GP. The services will be charged as per tariff determined by GP from time to time, including variation(s) thereof, if any and the said services are handset dependent.
  23. Notwithstanding anything contained in this contact, any information brochure, notification or any other matter which will be by GP regarding its services, Service Price, Billing policy and Credit policy shall be included as the terms and conditions of this contract and both GP and the subscriber shall be under obligation to comply the same.
  24. Responsibilities for GP are explicitly stated in this agreement as above and GP takes no other responsibilities besides these.
  25. GP shall not cater any kind of migration request or network leaving request, if any payable to GP is due by the subscriber, including but not limited to, handset EMI and/or usage bill and/or any other payables from the subscriber.
  26. The customer's biometric during availing the connection shall construe complete acceptance of the terms and conditions of this subscription agreement.
  27. For any Telecom offence, crime, trail, punishment, and relevant telecom matters the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Act, 2001 (Act No. 18 of 2001) and the Rules, Regulations and guidelines framed there under shall be applicable and binding upon the Subscriber.
  28. In case of SIM replacement, a SIM replacement fee will be applicable.

Additional Terms and Conditions Postpaid

  1. GP shall have the right to issue bill in different fixed dates in a month dividing into different cycles and the subscriber will be billed for the services in accordance with the billing cycle he is allocated. The bill for the new subscriber shall be charged from the date of activation to the last day of the bill cycle. The billing cycle as a whole may be mentioned in the bill.
  2. GP shall have the right to disconnect, suspend or bar the provision of the services to the subscriber if the bill is not paid within the due date mentioned on the bill. This right, however, shall not be deemed to have been waived, if GP temporarily decides not to terminate the services under such condition.
  3. GP shall have the right to terminate or suspend the provision of the services to any of the subscriber if the total charges, (‘billed’, ‘to-be billed’ or ‘billed’ along with ‘to be build’) accumulated at any time exceed the subscriber’s security deposit (when there is a security deposit) or the credit limit ( when there is no security deposit). This right, however, shall not be deemed to have been waived if GP temporarily decides not to terminate the services under such conditions.
  4. The subscriber shall pay the monthly bill in full as required by GP. Any failure of payment shall be the liability of the Subscriber and any decision of GP in this regard shall be binding upon the subscriber.
  5. The subscriber shall pay the monthly bill regularly within due date mentioned on the bill through the form as prescribed by GP (in cash through specified banks or credit card or ATM card) in order to avoid interruption of the services. This payment must be made within due date, even if the subscriber disputes the bill, and even if the handsets or other are claimed to be lost or stolen.
  6. Subscriber shall be liable to pay all existing charges as billed by GP in its prescribed bill format for the services rendered by GP and also shall remain liable to pay the same as per changes, if any from time to time.
  7. The subscriber may be entitled to reconnect his/her mobile connection by making payment of his/her outstanding bills in full if the mobile connection of the concerned subscriber has been barred, temporarily or permanently disconnected. If the mobile connection has been permanently disconnected, along with the full payment of the outstanding bill, the concerned subscriber shall also be liable to pay a reconnection fee (which may differ from time to time).
  8. The subscriber may dispute any part of the subscriber’s bill and request GP within 7(seven) days from receiving the bill to scrutinize any possible errors, subject to condition that, the conclusion drawn to the effect by GP after its scrutiny, shall be the final liability of the subscriber.
  9. The subscriber will be liable to pay Airtime charges and Monthly fee(s) (if applicable) fixed by GP for the above service.
  10. Subscriber shall be able to transfer their ownership to any other person provided that the said transfer is done by executing prescribed form/e-form and biometric verification by GP and by paying the transfer fees which will be fixed by GP from time to time. The transferee shall also have to agree the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement by providing biometric. In case of the Transfer of Ownership, decision taken by GP shall be final and binding.

Additional Terms and Conditions Prepaid

  1. GP shall have the right to suspend/disable, delete/permanently disconnect/retire the provision of the service to the subscriber when he/she reaches the different stages within the life cycle of a prepaid subscriber’s account.
  2. GP shall have the right to re-use/recycle/re-sell any mobile number corresponding to a permanently deleted Prepaid account/mobile number.
  3. The different stages in the life cycle of a Prepaid subscriber’s account will be known as idle, active, suspended & deleted/permanently disconnected/retired state the whole period shall not exceed 60 days under any circumstances. GP has the sole right to determine the current state of a Prepaid subscriber’s account anytime during the life cycle of a Prepaid account.
  4. Subscriber shall be under obligation to pay the VAT, SC and SD where applicable.
  5. GP will not be liable to provide any refund/credit for any value on a lost/damaged/unused Scratch card after selling the Scratch card.
  6. The balance of an account can be carried forward only if a subscriber recharges within the validity period of the previous recharge or within the suspension period of 60 days. Any recharge after the expiry of the mentioned period shall not be refundable nor shall revive the connection.
  7. After the expiration of the validity of the recharge, GP may without any notice, suspend a subscriber’s account for 60 days. GP is not liable to inform a subscriber about the suspension of his/her account.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

  1. Mobile Number Portability is a service through which a customer can switch from current mobile operator to another mobile operator by keeping the MSISDN (Mobile number) unchanged.
  2. For porting to GP through MNP system, customer needs to visit any GPC/GP Express/GP SIM Replacement point; share MSISDN, NID Number, date of birth, name, and address; perform Biometric verification upon accepting the terms of condition of subscription at GP Retail Point, once the process is completed, customer will get SMS confirmation of successful verification to current Operator SIM. After completing these steps, customer will get new GP SIM from Retailer; get MNP validation confirmation SMS from GP to existing Operator SIM; finally current Operator SIM will be deactivated and new GP SIM will get activated.
  3. Default Package after Porting
    • Prepaid connection: Nishchinto
    • Postpaid connection: Myplan.
    • But after, successful porting, the subscriber can migrate immediately to other applicable package of GP, if needed. 
  4. Possible reasons for rejection:
    • Porting request made before the expiry of a ninety days’ period from the activation date of a new connection
    • There are overdue bills to current Mobile Phone Operator
    • A request for change of ownership of the mobile number is under process
    • The mobile number sought to be ported is sub judice; the number is currently the subject of a legal matter
    • Porting of the mobile number has been prohibited by a Court of Law; and
    • There are contractual obligations
  5. As per Government directives, in case of porting of a prepaid number, the available balance, talk time, data, if any, shall lapse.

VAS Deactivation

Below are the lists of port numbers (third party content providers) for which customers can deactivate the relevant service(s) by sending SMS with keyword STOP ALL:

SL No CP Name Port/Short codes
1 Adbox Bangladesh 16265    
2 BDNEWS24 22000    
3 BINBIT 16261    
4 EBS 24636    
5 DNS 27464    
6 Gakk Media 16235    
7 MM service 29934 29933  
8 Mobile Multimedia 22255 16251  
9 Multi-Sourcing 23333 23355 16215
10 SSL Wireless 22666 25959 16232
11 SSLE 26060 26161  
12 True & Workstation 22345 22002  
13 Live Technologies 28777    
14 Live Entertainment 16316    
15 Mir Technologies 16258    
16 Symbiotic 16292    
17 TTBC 22700    
18 Inforev 23003    

New connection purchase

Now customer can purchase Grameenphone new connection with the new e- registration process.

Information required to purchase new connection: National Identity Card (NID) number, birthday information, customer name and address.

Price & charges: Find under package section

Business Subscription:

Please write to

SIM Replacement

Contact Point: GPC, GPCF, GP Express

For individual subscription - Bio-metric verification (Mandatory). SIM replacement form must be filled up after successful Bio-metric verification.

For corporate subscription - To replace or change SIM card, key contact person needs to send an application in letterhead pad/ fill up SIM replacement form with proper company seal and valid sign & come to any GPC, GPCF, GP Express (Selected branch)

SIM Replacement Charge for Prepaid: BDT 250

Sim replacement charge for postpaid: BDT 250 (for gold, silver & non-star customers) & free for Platinum Plus and Platinum Star customers.
Gold, Silver & Non Star Postpaid Customer has to pay 250 TK during availing SIM replacement service.

Address Change

Contact Point: GPC/F, Grameenphone Express,
Documents required: Subscription Paper (for all touch points), Signature verification. FAX mentioning (his/her mobile number, old address, new address and valid signature)
  • For corporate subs-To change address key contact person needs to send fax in company letterhead pad with proper company seal and valid sign mentioning old Address, New Address. Or he/she can come to the GPC/GPCF with above mention papers.

Fax- 02-9882948-51 (Corp, SME and All).

  • For some special organization (Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, Rifles, Police, RAB, Ansar & VDP, Special Security Forces, President Guard Regiment, etc.) can change their Official Address with the signature & seal of the respective unit heads or certain high ranked officers rather than key contact person.

Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Auto Debit

**Only applicable for postpaid subscriber.
Contact Point: Respective Vendors or Bank
Documents required: Subscribers have to have a credit card or account of following vendors or banks

  • VANIK Credit Card
  • SCB Credit Card
  • SCB Account
  • SE Credit Card

Subscriber need to go to the respective bank or vendor with last GP bill copy to fill out a prescribed Auto Debit form to avail Auto debit facilities. Bank will send notification to Banking unit of GP after necessary verification. Banking Unit will enroll specific customer in BSCS as auto debit customer. From than GP charges appropriate amount of his usage to remain him unbar as and when required.

Cancellation: subscribers need to contact with respective bank or vendors to cancellation or enrolled the facilities. Bank will notify GP. Then banking unit will cancel customer's instruction from system.

Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Correction of wrong payment

Wrong Account Payment Wrong Flexi load Payment

Contact Point: Respective Bank Documents required: 1. Subscriber must go to bank with his original payment slip. 2. Subscriber must submit an application. 3. Subscriber must keep a copy of his application with received Bank seal.

In the application subscriber must mention

  • Valid Signature which was given in the Subscription Copy.
  • The wrong account ID that he/she wrote.
  • The correct ID.
  • Payment Date.
  • Deposited Amount.
  • Name of the subscriber.

** Bank will send us a forwarding letter in their letterhead regarding the issue within maximum 5 working days. Price & charges: Not Applicable

Contact Point: GPC/F. Documents required: A fax from the Retailer on behalf of the Subscriber within 3 days on or subscriber can come to our GPC with:1.Retailer's Letter Head Pad. The fax has to have:

  • Right Number
  • Wrong Number
  • Mob. Number of the Retailer
  • Date & Time of the Transaction
  • Transaction ID
  • Exact amount of the FlexiLoad
  • Name, address and signature of both Retailer & Subscriber
  • Fax: 02-9882948-51
After the fax is received, Customer Communication will contact with both Retailer and Subscriber for verification. 3. If the Information is Valid then, customer communication will contact to Collection unit and notify them with the details. 4. Collection will adjust the amount to the Correct Number.

** Whole procedure should take 1 working day and applicable for postpaid customers only.

Price & charges: Not Applicable

International Roaming

Roaming Packages:

  • Standard Roaming: Standard roaming is only for postpaid customer with voice, SMS and data connectivity while in roaming.
  • Basic Roaming: Basic roaming is for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers with voice and SMS services only.
  • Data Roaming: Data roaming is for postpaid customers only with data and SMS services.
  • SMS Roaming: SMS roaming is for both postpaid and prepaid customers with only SMS service.

Documents Required:

  • Properly filled up International Roaming Subscription Form (available in all GPC as well).
  • Photocopy of customer's international credit card (both side) and duly signed on the photocopy
  • For foreign currency account holder, FC A/C authentication in Bank letterhead and FC A/C authentication in Company letterhead
  • Auto bill pay form (optional for Basic roaming, Standard roaming and data roaming). But Auto bill pay form is mandatory for SMS roaming

Security Deposit:

  • Security Deposit is mandatory for Standard, Basic and data roaming customer.
  • No security deposit is required for SMS roaming

Charging amount for availing prepaid roaming:

  • Minimum recharge amount at the first time for availing Pre-paid Roaming is USD 1.

Grameenphone TravelSure

  • Grameenphone TravelSure brings a unique feature for you to get rid of "Bill-shock" from expensive & unintentional data roaming. Be relaxed and enjoy worry-free data roaming service.
  • This is applicable for all postpaid roaming customer (except Blackberry users)

Lost Phone barring

Contact Point: GPC/F, Grameenphone Express, 121
Documents required: After Bio- Metric verified requested number will be bar from GPC, GPCF & Grameenphone Express.  After Verify Mobile Number information (like, FNF number, Last recharge etc.) 121 will  execute bar request.
Price & charges: Not Applicable.

Cancellation of subscription

** Only applicable for Postpaid
Contact Point: GPC/F
Documents required: Subscription Paper, Physical SIM
If the subscription paper or the SIM is lost, then a GD copy along with an application has to submit and a form has to fill up properly.

Price & charges: All the dues have to clear before cancellation of subscription. If customer has over payment, then s/he can either adjust it to any other number or can get the amount in cash.


Currently this service is not available

GSM Feature Activation/ Deactivation process

Forward Cases To Activate To Deactivate
Call Forward when Not Reachable * * 62 * phone number # # # 62 # send
Call Forward when phone is Busy * * 67 * phone number # # # 67 # send
Call Forward when there is No Reply * * 61 * phone number # # # 61 # send
Call Forward All Calls * * 21 * phone number # # # 21 # send
Forward All Calls *002*[Phone Number]#  
Forward all calls that match the 4 condition *004*[Phone Number]#  
Divert Cancel
To Cancel All sorts of call forwarding # # 002 #
Divert Status Check
** For checking call forwarding status, dial * # Code #
After typing any code, you will have to press the Send/Call button of your handset.

SIM Card PIN or PUK problem

Contact Point: GPC, GPCF, GP Express, 121, Online Customer Service

Information required:

Mobile Number information [Owner information (NID & Date Of Birth) etc.], SIM Number (the number mentioned at the back of the SIM card)

SMS Connectivity

Customer Check Point:

  • Reset the SMS center number (SMSC) in SMS settings by deleting the old center number and save +8801700000600 as new SMSC.
  • Set the GP SMS center number as default SMS center (the option & the option name may vary with handset)
  • Set SMS format as ”Text Mode”
  • Check SMS barring feature status from Handset Settings
  • Finally check by changing handset.

If the problem still remains then contact at below point:

Contact Point:
GPC, GPCF, GP Express,121 & Online Customer Service

Incoming & Outgoing Call Problem (Connection Status)

Customer Check Point:

  • Available Mobile Balance for prepaid / credit limit status for postpaid
  • Check Call barring feature status from Handset Call Settings option
  • Check appropriate operator if using Dual SIM in using in Handset
  • Restart your handset and check again

If the problem still remains then contact at below point:

Contact Point:
GPC, GPCF, GP Express, 121 & Online Customer Service

Call drop info

  • All Grameenphone prepaid and postpaid customers will get returned GP-GP talk-time for first to seventh GP-GP call drops.
  • For the first and second call drop, 30 seconds GP-GP talk-times/drop and from the third to the seventh call drop, 40 seconds GP-GP talk-times/drop will be returned to the customers. The compensated talk-times will come with a validity of 15 days and can be used on GP-GP network; 10 second pulse will be applicable.
  • Customers shall be notified of the compensations they accumulated through SMS within 24 hours of each call drop.
  • To check balance of compensated talk-times, dial *121*1*2#
  • To know about “call drop count” & “compensated talk-time”, dial *121*765#

Awareness on unknown cash/gift offer (Fraudulent attempt)

“In recent times, a group of fraudulent activists are either calling or sending SMS to our valued subscribers from unknown numbers and trying to mislead them with cash rewards and gifts.

We would like to state and inform all our valued subscriber that such deception is nothing but an act of pretention and hereby request all not to be confused by such calls or SMS. Grameenphone will bear no liability if subscribers incur financial loss contacting such unknown numbers.

Grameenphone contacts its valued subscribers by calling only from 121. So please remember this number. Thank you”

Call & SMS Barring/Unbarring feature from handset

Customer Check Point:

Call barring

Call barring allows subscribers to restrict people from making certain types of calls from their phone. They can choose to bar all incoming calls, all outgoing calls, or all international calls. The default call barring password is 0000. Call barring can be activated from the handset, or subscribers can use the following short codes:

Barring Cases To Activate To Deactivate
Bar all outgoing calls Please check
from handset
Please check
from handset
Bar all incoming calls * 35 * PWD # # 35 * PWD #
Bar all outgoing international calls * 331 * PWD # # 331 * PWD #
Bar all incoming calls when Roaming Abroad * 351 * PWD # # 351 * PWD #
SMS Barring
To block All Incoming SMS * 35 * PWD * 16 # # 35 * PWD #
To block All Outgoing SMS * 33 * PWD *16 # # 33 * PWD #
Change barring password * * 03 * 330 * OPWD * NPWD * RPWD #
NPWD = New password  
OPWD = Old password Password has to be 4 digits
PWD = Password    
RPWD = Repeat new password    
Changing the default password 0000 to 5678: * * 03 * 330 * 0000 * 5678 * 5678 #

Solution of internet connectivity problem

After successful purchase of data pack, if you face internet connectivity or browsing problem, please follow below instructions

  1. Switch off & on the mobile handset
  2. Clear all cookies from browser
  3. Change data capping limit into unlimited or, unchecked the data capping option from the settings option of mobile handset
  4. If needed, configure your mobile handset. To get internet configuration please dial *121*3#, select handset settings option from menu & follow the instruction on reply SMS.  

Credit Policy for Refund

Any amount paid in advance or deposited by customers to be refunded to the customers after adjusting the dues if any.
Remaining deposit or advance payment after adjusting with dues (if any), should be refunded to the subscriber. In case of local Security Deposit (SD)/ advance refund, refundable amount will be paid in cash from GPC or transferring to customer's bank account. On the other hand, IR refund will be paid to the customer through their International Credit Card after adjusting the dues. Cash refund (in BDT) for IRSD/ IR advance will be executed for the following cases:

  • If customer has no due.
  • International Credit Card of customer is expired/ unavailable. 

The refund policy is made as per the guideline provided by Bangladesh Bank.

Ownership Transfer-Individual to individual

Transfer the ownership of a number- One person to another person

Requirement for customer:
To transfer the ownership of a number, Transferor (previous owner of the SIM) and the Transferee (new owner) both have to be present together at Grameenphone Experience or Grameenphone Center with valid documents (NID/SNID/Local Passport/Driving License/Birth Certificate/Foreign Passport). To transfer the ownership- Transferor may have NID/SNID/Local Passport/Driving License/Birth Certificate/Foreign Passport Holder but Transferee must have a NID/SNID’.

Ownership extension process for foreigner

SIM validity extension process for foreigner

Below documents will be required to extend the SIM validity/ ownership of a foreign customer-

  1. Scan copy of foreign customer's passport of visa expire date page or Scan copy of foreign customer's passport and scan of the work permit.

Transfer of SIM Ownership from Grameenphone Center

Transfer the ownership of a number - One person to another person

Requirement for customer:
To transfer the ownership of a number, Transferor (previous owner of the SIM) and the Transferee (new owner) both have to be present together at Grameenphone Experience or Grameenphone Center with valid documents (NID/SNID/Local Passport/Driving License/Birth Certificate/Foreign Passport). To transfer the ownership- Transferor may have NID/SNID/Local Passport/Driving License/Birth Certificate/Foreign Passport Holder but Transferee must have a NID/SNID’.

Price & charges: BDT 115 taka (Including VAT)

Transfer of SIM Ownership for Death Case from Grameenphone Center

Transfer of ownership process in case of the deaths of the registered owner (SIM claiming by warison)

Price & charges: BDT 345 taka (Including VAT)

Below documents will be required to transfer the ownership in case of the deaths of the registered owner:

  1. ID of Transferor (mandatory): Needs to ensure photocopy from original ID.
  2. NID of Transferee (mandatory): Only NID/Smart ID is acceptable. The ID will be checked during the transfer of ownership.
  3. Death Certificate of Transferor (mandatory): Death Certificate Issued by the Hospital (Govt/Private) or Local Govt Authority (City Corporation/Union Parishad)
  4. Warison/ Succession Certificate (mandatory): Succession Certificate is issued by Court or Local Govt Authority (City Corporation/Union Parishad). The claimer name should be in succession certificate.
  5. Undertaking (as given format): The Undertaking will be executed in GP Designed format signed by the claimant warison as per his/her NID.

Recycle eligible SIM Reactivation from Grameenphone Center

Description: Grameenphone gives you the opportunity to reactivate your Recycled eligible SIM from all our Grameenphone Centers.
Price & charges: BDT 115 taka (Including VAT)

Email-Printed Itemized bill from Grameenphone Center

Contact Point: Grameenphone Experience Center/Grameenphone Center

Requirements for Customers : SIM card, physical presences of the customer and biometric verification

For Corp & SME, Subscriber can contact their key contact person for Itemized bill.
Price & charges: Per month BDT 230 taka (Including VAT)

Business Subscription:

Please write to